Quality photos do not just happen.  Planning, scouting, pre-visualizing all take place before your camera is ever set on its tripod.  Once on site, questions of perspective, composition and photographic technique are asked.  With Brian overseeing your workshop, you will learn the vast difference between ‘taking a photo’ and ‘making a photo.’

Plan on long days – early mornings and long evenings.  There will also be some free time built into each workshop for napping or exploring on your own.

Instruction:  all aspects of photography will be covered; exposure, depth of field, white balance, focus and hyper-focal principles, proper use of filters, long exposures, Manual and semi-automatic camera settings, digital processing.

Composition – how to get the most out of a scene.  Not just in terms of camera angle, lens choice and exposure, but correct use of foreground and which elements to include or exclude.

How to make use of digital blending – whether ‘exposure bracketing’ or ‘focus bracketing.

But of course, these workshops are all about you and your needs.  Whether you are new to photography or a seasoned veteran, Brian will tailor his instruction to you and your specific goals in a practical and relaxed way.