What’s not to love about New York City?  It’s life on a grand scale; Towering skyscrapers, never-ending hustle and bustle, intriguing people, great food, Times Square, Broadway…  the list is endless.

Brooklyn Bridge Manhattan New York City

Twilight view from DUMBO area of the Brooklyn Bridge and buildings of lower Manhattan


Flatiron Building Sky Scraper New York City

Glow of sunset on the Flatiron Building in Midtown


Central Park Manhattan New York City

Twilight view from Central Park of the Plaza Hotel and buildings of Manhattan


Shopping Shoppers Yellow Taxi Cab New York City

Store-hopping in the city


Imagine John Lennon Memorial Central Park Manhattan New York City

"Imagine" John Lennon memorial in Strawberry Fields, Central Park Manhattan New York City


Taxi Cab Times Square Manhattan New York City

Taxi Cab races down 7th Avenue in Times Square, Manhattan


Wall Street New York City Stock Exchange Manhattan

Wall Street sign across from New York Stock Exchange Building with giant American flag across the front


Grand Central Terminal Manhattan MetLife Building New York City

Car Light-trails leading to Grand Central Terminal below the MetLife Building in Manhattan


Statue of Liberty New York City Harbor

Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor


Atlas Statue St. Patricks Cathedral Manhattan New York City

Atlas Statue across the street from St. Patricks Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan


Barney's Shopping 5th Avenue Midtown Manhattan New York City

Shoppers at Barney's along 5th Avenue in Midtown Manhattan


Central Park Manhattan Plaza Hotel New York City

Stone bridge and pond in Central Park with view of the Plaza Hotel


Times Square crowds Manhattan New York City

Crowds in Times Square at Broadway and 42nd Street Manhattan


Hair Style Street Vendor Corn Dogs New York City

Hair styles and street vendors meet in New York City


Central Park Manhattan New York City

View from Central Park and buildings of the Upper West Side from Top of the Rock, Manhattan


Twilight Manhattan New York City

Twilight over Manhattan


Chrysler Building Sky Scraper Grand Central Terminal New York City

Twilight below the Chrysler Building and Grand Central Terminal


Central Park Angel Waters Fountain Manhattan New York City

Early morning at the Angel of the Waters fountain in Central Park, Manhattan