Each Workshop will require some differences in clothing, but generally these guidelines will help you as you plan for your photographic adventure:

1.  Equipment.

Camera:  Most instruction will be geared toward DSLR or high-quality mirror-less cameras using manual and semi-manual settings.  Be certain that you can find all the appropriate settings and know the menus.  You don’t want to be fumbling with your gear while the decisive moment comes and goes.  If you are purchasing new gear for this workshop, be sure to get it early enough that you are familiar with how it works.

Lenses:  You will be able to make use of all focal lengths from ultra-wide to long telephoto.  Be sure to bring enough to cover a wide range.

Tripod:  A STRONG, STURDY Tripod is a requirement.  This should never be an afterthought – it is one of the most important aspects of a Travel/Landscape Photographer

Filters:  Most landscape photography requires the use of some filters.  Circular Polarizing Filters, 2 and 3 stop Neutral Density and ND Grads are all useful tools.  Brian recommends Lee Filters.

Extra batteries, extra memory cards, external shutter release cord.

Backpack to comfortably carry everything.

2.  Clothes.  Dawn shoots can be chilly so plan to bring multiple thin layers that can be removed as the morning progresses.  Good solid shoes are vital.  While there isn’t much serious hiking required, there will be a fair amount of walking through countryside over rocks and hills.

3.  3-4 digital images on your device or jump-drive for critique.  This is always a fun exercise – having others critique your work can be a great learning experience.